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Maserati Resin Bound Surface

DekorGrip Resin Bound


The Need

A high-end car dealership situated in Old Brompton Road, Kensington had a somewhat old and dreary concrete apron as entrance to their prestigious showroom. Recently Maserati had rebuked them about not doing enough to keep up the appearance outside, as much as the inside. The dealership required a redesign that matched the prestige of the business, as well as being able to withstand heavy use. It was important that the surface could be delivered and laid quickly due to the ongoing use of the showroom. The customer required a brand that was synonymous with their image and Maserati. There was only one option – DekorGrip supplied by Meon.

The Solution

The selected blend for the project was the Cornfield blend, which accentuated the showroom perfectly. This gave the final touch it needed, in order to create an aesthetically pleasing exterior, to match the already beautiful interior. The entrance is on a slope down towards the front of the showroom, so with porous DekorGrip Resin Bound surfacing, any surface water will run within the structure of the surfacing rather than on the surface (excluding very heavy rainfall). Clean, crisp DekorGrip Resin Bound has adapted as always to all the varying contours, levels and edgings across the whole re-surfaced area. 


DekorGrip completely transformed the dreary driveway, giving the client the chosen effect they were after. The DekorGrip surface also met the needs which were to prevent excess water run-off, required minimal upkeep and remain aesthetically beautiful. The client was particularly keen to prevent any build-up of water in front of the doors – the permeability of DekorGrip Resin Bound completely removed this fear. Only a portion of the driveway belonged to the dealer, which meant that they could not lay as much of the material as they would have liked. The finished project however, was met with praise and now creates a fantastic ambience outside the showroom that matches the cars displayed.

Systems Used

DekorGrip Resin Bound Cornfield Blend


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