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Caernarfon Castle

DekorGrip Resin Bound



As part of the project to rejuvenate and improve Caernarfon Promenade within a historic and protected setting, there were numerous challenges that were part of the delivery and installation of the project. As a major tourist attraction, the promenade area has a high volume of visitors – pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular – meaning the surface needed to be extremely hard wearing and durable.

The surface itself was large in scale with excess of 3000m2 needing to be laid, requiring a system that could be put down quickly and efficiently, in order for the promenade to re-open in time for the Easter Holidays. This project also had its own unique challenge. Being closely located to the sea meant it would come into regular contact with salt water, meaning any surface laid needed to be resilient to prevent damage from this.


DekorGrip Resin Bound was perfect for the project at hand, as it provided a hardwearing material that could be laid in a short amount of time, and at a depth to suit the application and traffic requirements.


The selection of several colours of aggregate was also a benefit to the project, with Barley Beach, Sandringham and a specially created blend of Black Basalt (used in the creation of stunning nautical shapes and route markings). DekorGrip helped with the time and delivery issues that the contractor faced. Through close communication and planning, 3000m2 was delivered and laid in a very short timescale allowing the promenade to be reopened to the public in time for the Easter Holidays.


With various challenges laid out at the start of the project, it was quickly established that along with a resin bound stone surface, the expertise and knowledge of the DekorGrip team was required. The surface suited the historic backdrop perfectly and provided a sustainable surface that would also withstand the challenging conditions of regular contact with salt water. In addition, the variety of stone blends that can be supplied by DekorGrip allowed creativity to flow and made for an aesthetically pleasing finish, with minimum difficulty. The site was such a success that it received the ICE 2015 Sustainability Award.

Systems Used

DekorGrip Resin Bound
Barley Beach
Special blend of Black Basalt


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